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Adolescent Gynecomastia Surgery


Most boys enter puberty between the ages of 11 through 14. At this time, there is a huge increase in their natural production of testosterone and, to a much lesser degree, estrogen…

Adolescent Options

Adult Gynecomastia Surgery


Many overweight or obese men are concerned about their breasts and seek evaluation and treatment for their gynecomastia. When treating these men, a very careful physical examination…

Adult Options

Bodybuilder Gynecomastia Surgery


Male breast reduction surgery for bodybuilders is very similar to the standard procedure. However, the actual breast tissue itself is much different. Steroid-induced gynecomastia is…

Bodybuilder Options

Hi-Def Physique Gynecomastia Surgery


Hi-Def VASER® liposuction takes chest and body sculpting to the next level so you can conquer that last step towards perfecting your body. Rather than merely reducing the amount of fat in your…

Hi-Def Physique Options

Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia Surgery


Men with puffy nipples are typically in very good physical shape. While puffy nipple is of the major concern, there are many other aspects that absolutely need to be addressed in order to not only…

Puffy Nipple Options

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery


In some cases, an unsatisfactory result from prior gynecomastia surgery must be corrected through revision surgery. Gynecomastia surgery is a complex procedure that requires great surgical…

Revision Surgery Options

More than 25+ Years of Gynecomastia and Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Dr. Jonathan LebowitzDr. Jonathan Lebowitz

“I am proud to provide my male patients with the best in cosmetic surgery technology, treatment options, and patient comfort. I know that gynecomastia can cause feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness for men of all ages, difficulties in wearing form fitting shirts for adults and a distraction from a chiseled and sculpted chest on body builders. I want YOU and ALL of my patients to have CLOSURE. It is my pleasure to address all of your questions and concerns. Your fulfillment is my reward.”

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